While we all wish that every day was a summer day, unfortunately, every good thing comes to an end. With Summer on its last legs, it’s probably a good idea to start preparing for the colder days ahead. In the proverbial words of the House Stark in Game of Thrones, “winter is coming.”

This guide will share with you some helpful tips for staying warm in cold weather. For those that may be dreading the heating bills looming, the tips below will ensure that you stay warm even with minimal heating. Keep reading to find out more!

Layer Your Clothing (The Proper Way)

According to mountain climbing experts, the idea behind layering isn’t so much about retaining heat as it is about preventing moisture from sweating. As you go about your daily activities during the colder seasons, you probably already dress warmly. Be that as it may if your dress incorrectly, you may still end up feeling cold.

When you layer your clothing you retain heat, but as you exert yourself, you may sweat. This becomes a problem when you rest, as the sweat moisture leaves you cold as it evaporates. To prevent this, it is important to layer your clothing in the right manner.

Light undergarments should go first (because they wick better), followed by garments made from either polyester or wool. Puffer Jackets may then be worn as a last layer to trap heat. 

Wear a Beanie

Isn’t it true that no matter how many layers of clothing one wears, if the ears are exposed the whole body feels cold? It certainly is the case for many. Beanies come in handy as they keep your head, including your ears warm, by conserving the heat generated by your body. Moreover, they are a great way of keeping warm not just outside, but even around the house, for those who want to save on heating expenses. Wool beanies are best, but if they make you itch, there are many alternatives available as well.

Take Hot Beverages 

Hot beverages have that dual effect in that they keep you cool when it’s hot but also warm when it’s cold. Don’t stick the usual suspects though (coffee and tea), there are so many exciting recipes for you to explore. Here are three of our favorites. 

Indian Hot Water/ Lemon 

For this recipe, you’ll need a cup of hot water, lemon juice from half of a lemon. A quarter teaspoon of turmeric, a pinch of salt and a spoon of sugar. There’s only step for this recipe. Stir everything, then enjoy! 

Homemade Hot Ginger Ale

Use your favorite ginger ale brand and enjoy it hot. 

Green Tea

Apart from having amazing health benefits, green tea will keep you warm on a cold day. There are many types of green tea each with a unique color and flavor profile. Have fun exploring.

Get Hand Warmers 

Exposing your extremities is the fastest way to ensure that your whole body is cold. It goes without saying that you should always ensure that your hands are warm during the colder seasons.

Mittens work fine most of the times, bet when it’s especially cold, you may need something more. Hand warmers contain a mixture of chemicals which on contact with air, react emitting warmth. They’re a perfect way to supplement your body’s on heat especially on very cold days.

Use Flannel Bedding 

Your usual bedsheets may take long to feel warm. If you want to save on heating, they won’t be of any help. In fact, even when they do get warm, its only usually on the spot your body is occupying. 

Contrary to popular belief, flannel bedding doesn’t generate warmth. The only difference between flannel and normal cotton is in the structure. Because flannel is very fluffy, it traps air easily. Air happens to be a great insulator. This factor is also what makes puffer jackets ideal for cold weather.  When you add several blankets to your flannel bedding, you won’t even realize that you have put on your heating! 

Dress For the Weather (Not the Occasion)

It sounds obvious, but we all have been torn between the decision to stay warm or to look our best. Admittedly there are amazing fashion options for the colder seasons, but nevertheless as a general rule of thumb, if you have to choose between a not so fashionable outfit that is warm and great outfit that is not warm, choose the former. 

Stay Active 

This is another great way to keep yourself warm on cold days. Anyone who has jogged or sprinted on a cold day will tell you that they felt very warm after. In fact, outdoor physical activity may keep you so warm that you find yourself not needed a jacket. 

If you’re going to jog on a cold day, you should probably wear many layers of clothing, so you may adjust as needed as you get warmer. 


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