Future Plans

The following directions of Homenet Southeast Asia for January 2003-2004 were agreed upon during the meeting:

Under Strengthening Networks

  1. Launch the subregional website in November 2003;
  2. Do strategic replanning for Indonesia and rebuild the national network ;
  3. Strengthen Homenet Southeast Asia coordination and planning for sustainability and succession;
  4. Explore and strengthen partnerships in Laos;
  5. Increase Homenet Southeast Asia presence and visibility through newsletters, posters, etc.

Under Policy Development and Advocacy

  1. Conduct a subregional workshop on social protection in the first half of 2004;
  2. Continue studies and set up mechanisms to monitor the impact of trade liberalization and globalization on HBWs;
  3. Create a pool of experts to assist in research and policy advocacy;
  4. Connect with ESCAP, ASEAN, and APEC;
  5. Link HBW concerns with other UNIFEM programs on VAW, HIV-AIDS, and migration.

Under Social Protection

  1. Monitor the impact of social protection schemes in Thailand and the Philippines;
  2. Review the situation on social protection in Indonesia.

Under Fair Trade

  1. Develop codes of conduct with private sector;
  2. Upgrade technical and management skills of HBWs and their organizations
  3. Create and strengthen trade groups.
  4. Establish linkages with organizations supporting fair trade practices, as well as with SEWA Trade Facilitation Center.

Towards an Asian HBW Network

The ARCC meeting also agreed to work towards the formation of Homenet Asia, with the drafting of a constitution and bylaws, and the convening of a meeting where all Homenets in Asia will be represented. This is tentatively scheduled third quarter of 2004 in India.

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