What have the various Homenets in Asia accomplished in the last year, and what can we do together to hasten the formation of an Asia-wide network? Members of the Asian Regional Coordinating Committee (ARCC) created under the UNIFEM-FNV Project entitled “Strengthening the Network of Homebased Workers in Asia” met at the UNIFEM Regional Office in […]

Future Plans

The following directions of Homenet Southeast Asia for January 2003-2004 were agreed upon during the meeting: Under Strengthening Networks Launch the subregional website in November 2003; Do strategic replanning for Indonesia and rebuild the national network ; Strengthen Homenet Southeast Asia coordination and planning for sustainability and succession; Explore and strengthen partnerships in Laos; Increase […]

Sharing Mapping Results

Thirty one homebased workers (HBWs) and advocates from Indonesia, Thailand, Laos, Philippines, Malaysia and India gathered in scenic Crown Peak Hotel, Subic, Zambales, Philippines to present the results of the mapping project and the analyses of the data collected; to exchange the lessons learned from the mapping exercise; and to plan for follow-up activities at […]