4 Ways Fleet Managers Benefit From Electronic Logging Devices

Electronic logging devices are a new technology that promises to make many great promises for us. Corporations that have adopted it to manage their fleet agree that technology has made it possible for many managers to work in the comfort of their office or sitting rooms. This means if managers know how to make freelancing […]

You’re Go-To Guide For Staying Warm In Cold Weather

While we all wish that every day was a summer day, unfortunately, every good thing comes to an end. With Summer on its last legs, it’s probably a good idea to start preparing for the colder days ahead. In the proverbial words of the House Stark in Game of Thrones, “winter is coming.” This guide […]

6 Ways to Make Working from Home Productive

Many people who work from home, such as the members of Homenet, appreciate that performance matters more than presence. These individuals achieve their career goals with considerable ease despite the location of their workplace. Few distractions and interruptions are some of the factors that make remote work the best choice for at least 65% of […]

A Step-By-Step Guide: How to Secure a Loan to Start Your Own Business

Have you ever thought of starting your business but you don’t have the startup capital? Don’t fret! Many trusted financial lenders can help you fund your new business: starting from traditional banks to private investors among others. However, most small business owners nowadays opt for startup business loans rather than borrowing from private investors. Startup […]

Policy Advocacy and Networking

HomeNet SEA sees the need for the development of national policies on homework that “promote equality of treatment between homeworkers and other wage earners” in such areas as the right to organize, protection against discrimination, remuneration, occupational safety and health, social security protection, and training. This is mandated by the ILO Convention on Home Work, […]

Social Protection

HomeNet SEA led a CIDA-SEAGEP-supported project on the documentation of social protection schemes in Indonesia, the Philippines, and Thailand. The project aimed to collect information on existing programs of social welfare, social insurance, and social assistance among workers in the informal economy in the three countries. The project has helped the three national HomeNets to […]