Electronic logging devices are a new technology that promises to make many great promises for us. Corporations that have adopted it to manage their fleet agree that technology has made it possible for many managers to work in the comfort of their office or sitting rooms. This means if managers know how to make freelancing productive can help their companies to increase their profits margins.

You need to understand in detail how this device can benefit your fleet of vehicles to be able to make the right decision. Here are the essential pros of using electronic logging devices that go beyond mere compliance with government laws.

Preserve Fuel

The devices are some of the most effective and allow the staff to monitor idle-time tracking. When drivers idle for too long, they waste a lot of fuel. That can lead to an unnecessary increase in costs.

When a company has an efficient management dashboard, they will not find this to be the case. The total amount of time they take idling will be recorded.

The management can use the alerts to create policies that will go a long way, saving them thousands of dollars every month. In this regard, the nature of savings that this technology can help a company to record is diverse and substantial.

Reduced Administrative Burden

In the recent past, fleet managers rely on manual means to record and track the movement of their vehicles. This was exceedingly time consuming and costly. It also involved lots of paperwork and energy. However, with the advanced tools, they need not worry about recording hours of service. The devices automatically do that and save the records.

Fleet managers are now able to reap the benefits of freelancing. They do not have to travel to any place to be able to get instant alerts about the safety of their vehicles. This way, organizations that use the devices can swiftly act when there is an emergency.

Given that ELDs enhance the safety of the vehicles and the driver, other road users are also much safer than before. The drivers work for the required amount of time and have enough time to rest. Additionally, the gadget s can detect the slightest signs of that particular vehicles need maintenance. Thus, in the end, they minimize lots of burden on the administration and protect everyone.

Location Tracking

If you choose an efficient ELD device, such as transflo eld t7, you will be able to monitor your vehicles through GPS tracking effectively. For details on how you can benefit from this ELD, click here for comprehensive transflo eld t7 reviews. These gadgets will not only grant you real-time visibility but also significantly boost your productivity and reduce your distractions in no time.

Given that these devices allow fleet managers to track where their vehicles are without any difficulties, they do not need to make many calls. Whenever these people want an update, they turn to the apps. But other than that, drivers and their managers are also using the same functionality to plan out the safest, shortest, and most convenient routes.

Due to the ability of electronic logging devices to help these individuals to up their route management game, the companies can streamline their operations. This is important for ensuring that everyone is productive at all times. No one wants to see people trailing all the times in the name of supervision. So, ELDs are useful for increasing profits for all the stakeholders, including employees. 

Reduce Insurance Premiums

Insurance companies are keen on maximizing their profits too. If they feel that your fleets will eat into their advantages, they reject your application for cover or charge you higher premiums. Since there is no doubt that ELD devices enhance fleet safety, you can be sure that insurance companies will always be interested in working with you. So, they will charge you low premiums, which can lead to significant savings as well.

The GPS tracking feature also reduces the risk of your vehicles being hijacked or stolen. This means you will experience little interruptions in your business. As such, you will be able to pay the premium as time goes by. 

ELDs also prevent numerous accidents, and insurers know this pretty well. The faulty-code monitoring and efficient route management features will also help to prevent bad driving behaviors. As such, you will be able to preserve the value of your vehicles for long.

Bottom Line

Even though that many fleet managers still think that ELDs are the best solution to the compliance mandate, you have all the reasons to believe that they are more than just that. They will help you to streamline your operations, explore better opportunities, increase your profits, and maximize your productivity. This is all you need as an efficient fleet manager to beat your competitors.


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