Subregional Workshop On Social Protection

Advancing Policy Alternatives

On  25 – 26 October  2005, Homenet Southeast Asia, in cooperation with Homenet Thailand, sponsored a   Subregional Workshop on Social Protection  at the  Asia Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand with support from Ford Foundation and UNIFEM-ESE-Asia.  Joining the workshop were mostly homeworker-members of  Homenets in Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, and Laos. Official and representatives of  international development agencies,  the Thai national government and international NGOs  were invited to grace the workshop’s plenary opening, where Senator Jon Ungpakorn delivered an inspiring message on extension of social security to informal workers.

During this workshop, the research outputs  of the two-country research project entitled “Extending Social Protection to Homeworkers in Thailand and the Philippines: Analyzing, Evaluating and Sustaining the Work in Progress and Drawing Lessons from the Experience ” were  presented.

This undertaking  also served as a forum for sharing social protection experiences by representatives of  HomeNet South Asia,  Homenet Indonesia, and the CDEA in Laos ,  and advancing policy alternatives and plans of action among  participating countries at the national and subregional levels.

Sharing Of Social Protection Experiences

South Asia

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